Harms + Wende GROUP


The Harms & Wende Group - on top together!

The challenges of the global market are varied but very special in themselves. This is exactly what we have reacted to by forming the Harms & Wende Group and we have the right team of specialists for every task. We have combined unique expertise under the auspices of the Group, especially in joining technology. Our highest priority is maximum customer satisfaction, which we achieve through the necessary product and process quality and individually adjusted solutions. By continually developing our products further, always on proven and tested platforms, we gain both technological and quality leadership in our area of specialisation. This is how we present ourselves to you as a perfect partner. Whether it concerns controls for resistance pressure welding or quality management systems or automation solutions.

We are the right connection.

  Competence for welding controls and resistance welding


  Competence for automation


  Competence for quality assurance